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Sulit (pronounced "soo-lit" or "soo-lee") means "worth it" or "good deal." It describes something that is worth the value that you have paid for; the value in what you've received is worth more than what you gave. It's a fitting name when it comes to the videos and photos that you will get from Sulit Creation in Pittsburgh, PA. These creators at Sulit aren't just photographers and videographers, they are craftsmen. They will take you along every step of the process as they hand-craft your vision into a wonderful creation that will leave you saying, "This was worth it." 


Meet the Team

Adam Web.jpg


This is Adam. He’s been a movie buff since birth. Before he had a camera he and his friends would pretend to be action stars in their own movies. There were countless sequels. His passion for cinema and video editing led him to Point Park University in 2008. His learning accelerated him into successful video production work for weddings, non-profits, local businesses, and major Fortune 500 companies in both Pittsburgh and Seattle, WA.


Adam is married to Lori, his best friend and biggest supporter. They love to hike and shoot photos together. Adam’s favorite movies are Rashamon, A Man Escaped, and The Emperor’s New Groove.

Bri Web.jpg


This is Brian. His expertise in video and photography started with a simple interest in shooting and editing videos back in 2005. His talent came naturally, but that didn’t stop him from still training under top photographers and video companies in Pittsburgh. He has worked consistently in shooting, editing, and creating stellar motion graphics for weddings, live events, and numerous non-profits and

NGO’s around Pittsburgh. 


In 2013, Brian and Angie met each other serendipitously while Brian was on a video shoot in Mexico. Their love for life, people and cameras, among other things, brought them together forever. They were married and have worked on every shoot together since. They also have a really awesome son named Gavin. They’re favorite movie is Jurassic Park. Gavin thinks all the dinosaurs

are called velociraptors.

ANG Web.jpg


This is Angie. She has been taking photos since before she can remember. She received multiple cameras for her birthday while growing up, and the rest is history. Her photography experience ranges from weddings, senior portraits, baby portraits, live events, international travel...and that's just to start. She is also a skilled art director. Her intricate design and attention to detail has crafted offices and even kitchens into full-scale photography sets.


It has always been her passion to use the camera to show the world to from her unique perspective. However, she'll be the first to say there is no view that's better than the next, it's all in how you capture it. 

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